Diagnostic Workup for Tachycardia

If you experience tachycardia, otherwise known as a rapid heart rate, then your primary care doctor may refer you to a cardiologist. A cardiologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. After your cardiologist examines you, they may recommend further testing at a cardiac care center. Here are some diagnostic tests you may receive at the clinical cardiac care center, which will help your doctor uncover the reason for your tachycardia. Read More 

Dementia Care: How To Choose The Best Care Facility For Your Loved One

Making the decision to place your loved one in a dementia care facility is never easy. With a variety of care facilities to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed and wonder which facility will be a good fit for your loved one. Focusing on a few key points will help you narrow down your choices so you can place your loved one in a facility where they will receive the best care for their unique condition. Read More 

Scheduled For An Adult Circumcision? Steps To Improve Your Recovery Period

If your parents left your foreskin intact and you've decided to undergo an adult circumcision, it's time to prepare for the recovery period. Many individuals choose to undergo circumcision once they enter adulthood and are able to decide for themselves. In most cases, your circumcision will be performed by a general surgeon within a hospital setting. You'll probably be placed under general anesthesia, but you should be able to go home the same day. Read More 

Dating Again? 3 Aesthetic Services To Consider

When you are older and have decided to get back into the dating game, you might wonder what you could do to look and feel your best. While many people are nervous about making big changes to their appearance, simple aesthetic services are offered at spas and clinics around the country, making it easy to make adjustments. Here are three aesthetic services you should consider and why.  1. Laser Skin Resurfacing  Read More 

Is Stem Cell Therapy An Effective Treatment For Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition that causes an individual to suffer from seizures. The seizures often happen at random and are usually the cause of different underlying health issues, such as genetic disorders and injuries to the brain that have occurred at some point. If you have epilepsy, you may worry about having a seizure while driving, shopping at the grocery store, or even at work. Because of the concerns that you have, you may want to find a treatment that is going to provide some relief while preventing seizures from happening. Read More