How Sports Physicians Help Athletes With Sprained Ankles Get Back to Practice

Competitive athletes don't just step on the field for a game without preparing properly. Regular practices – sometimes daily – are critical to stay on top of these sessions. Unfortunately, a sprained ankle may cause some issues that make it hard for an athlete to stay on top of their skills. Thankfully, sports physicians can help keep them on top of this situation. Practices May Trigger Some Sports Injuries Athletes need to regularly practice to keep themselves in good condition and to improve their abilities. Read More 

Diagnosed With Heart Disease? What You Should Know

If you have recently been diagnosed with heart disease, you may be understandably confused and concerned. The concern comes from knowing that heart disease is a serious medical condition, and the confusion comes from not knowing all of the facts about the disease itself and what the next steps are. Get to know some of the facts about heart disease and heart disease care. Then, you can be sure you start taking steps in the right direction to manage your heart disease going forward. Read More 

Pelvic Pain Treatments You Can Use In Combination With Pain Relievers

Over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen tend to be a good starting point for alleviating pelvic pain. However, they are not always 100% effective. If you find yourself with some lingering pain even after taking pain relievers, here are some additional treatments you can safely turn to. Pressure Point Therapy Pressure point therapy is a bit like acupuncture, but it does not involve needles and you can safely perform it on yourself. Read More 

3 Medical Conditions That Require Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing is the best way to determine how well the lungs are working. If you have certain symptoms, it may mean your lungs are not working as well as they should. These symptoms include wheezing, breathing problems, or recurrent respiratory infections. Besides these symptoms, if you have a medical condition that affects your lungs, you will most likely need to undergo pulmonary function testing. Here are three medical conditions that require pulmonary function testing. Read More 

Going Through Medical Treatment? Why You Need A Healthcare Advocate On Your Side

Health problems can turn your world upside down. If you're facing extended treatment for a medical condition, you need someone in your corner. You may have friends and family to provide support, but that might not be enough. You need someone who can stand up for you throughout your treatment. For that, you need a healthcare advocate. If you don't think you need a healthcare advocate right now, you should think again. Read More