4 Cannabis Dispensary Tips

Cannabis is a safe, effective alternative to many pharmaceuticals. It can replace or reduce your dependence on antiemetic drugs, painkillers, and even hypertension medication. In most states, you'll need a prescription for medical marijuana. Once you've obtained it, you can purchase cannabis freely at dispensaries. Here are four tips you can use when you start shopping at a cannabis dispensary: 1. Choose a regular dispensary When you have a medical marijuana card, you have the right to frequent any dispensary you choose. Read More 

Your Child’s Tongue Could Inhibit Their Speech Development

Tongue problems seriously affect your child's ability to speak clearly and be understood. Proper tongue size and mobility are important to ensure proper word formation. When something is wrong with the tongue, then your child may be unable to pronounce certain sounds or could develop a lisp. Here is more information about common tongue problems that affect speech. Types of Tongue Problems Tongue problems come in different forms and affect speech in different ways. Read More 

4 Things To Ask The Pharmacist About Your New Medication

Medications are very important for treating and managing medical conditions. However, if medication is not handled properly, it can be incredibly dangerous. Every person must be informed when they take prescription medication. If you were recently prescribed a new medication, learn about some of the questions you should ask the pharmacist to make sure you are informed.   1. Important Side Effects Most prescription medications come with the risk of side effects, and sometimes these side effects are serious. Read More 

What To Expect From Physical Therapy After A Hip Replacement

If you have serious arthritis in your hip or you have fractured your hip, a hip replacement may be your best option. The surgery itself is pretty straightforward and common, but afterwards, you will go through a period of physical therapy in order to help you heal and recover. Here's a look at what you can expect from that physical therapy. Therapy will probably start about a week after surgery. Read More 

How Sports Physicians Help Athletes With Sprained Ankles Get Back to Practice

Competitive athletes don't just step on the field for a game without preparing properly. Regular practices – sometimes daily – are critical to stay on top of these sessions. Unfortunately, a sprained ankle may cause some issues that make it hard for an athlete to stay on top of their skills. Thankfully, sports physicians can help keep them on top of this situation. Practices May Trigger Some Sports Injuries Athletes need to regularly practice to keep themselves in good condition and to improve their abilities. Read More