4 Ways To Deal With Chronic Pain

According to the CDC, around 20.4% of adults in America experience chronic pain; that's around 50 million people. Additionally, 8% are experiencing high-impact chronic pain, meaning the pain is experienced most days, if not every day.  More and more Americans are searching for ways to alleviate their pain without having to resort to taking pain pills. In this day and age, there is a wealth of opportunities for pain management afforded to those in the market for it. Read More 

What Are The Different Types Of Stress Tests Commonly Given To Heart Patients?

When someone suffers from chest pains and shortness of breath, it is common for their physician to advise them to have a stress test performed. This type of test can show how well the heart is functioning and if the symptoms may have been caused by problems with the heart. These are the different types of stress tests that are commonly recommended by physicians. The Exercise Stress Test During this test, pictures will be taken of the heart before the patient begins doing exercise. Read More 

Understanding Your Non-Surgical And Surgical Gallstone Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with a gallstone problem, then you may be dealing with quite a bit of pain. For this reason, it is wise to speak with a gastroenterologist about treatment options. Options include surgical and non-surgical ones, so find out about what kind of choices you may be given in regard to your treatments. Non-Surgical Gallstone Treatment There are a few different kinds of non-surgical treatment options that your gastroenterology expert may suggest. Read More 

Varicose Veins — What They Are And How To Deal With Them

Your veins have the very important job of transporting your deoxygenated blood from your organs to your heart. Most people likely don't give a whole lot of thought to their veins, but some people have a constant reminder. Varicose veins are unappealing to look at and can also cause pain.  What are varicose veins? Varicose veins usually appear on the legs. They are dark in color, appearing blue or purple. They also tend to look swollen or lumpy. Read More 

Breast Cancer Treatment When Spotting Pre-Cancer Growths In A Screening

The dangers of breast cancer are well known, which is why so many women get screened yearly to catch potential lumps. And those women who find early pre-cancer growths may wonder what kind of treatments are available for them. Thankfully, there are many different care options that can help them avoid dangerous breast growths and stay happy and healthy for years to come. Breast Cancer Must Be Caught Early Regular breast screening is an important thing for women to do, particularly if they have a family history of breast cancer. Read More