When Should You Get Tested For Allergies

If you are like many people, you have gone through life either without any known allergies or thinking that you do not have allergies even though you might. Many people have allergies without even realizing that that is what they are dealing with. So, the question becomes, when should you get tested for allergies? Get to know some of the signs you should have allergy testing done. Then, you can be sure you get your allergy testing appointment scheduled as soon as possible.

You Get Frequent Hives

One of the signs that you should get tested for allergies is if you have frequent hives. Hives are red patches of skin that become swollen, warm to the touch, and are sometimes terribly itchy. They often occur seemingly out of the blue for most people. 

However, hives are a telltale sign that you have come into contact with something that is irritating your skin and body as a whole. They are often linked to allergies. As such, if you have frequent or even just periodic hives, you should schedule an allergy testing appointment sooner rather than later. That way, you can at least learn to avoid what might be causing you to develop uncomfortable hives. 

You Have Miserable Seasons

If there is just a certain season of the year that is pure misery for you because you always feel like you are sick, you may actually be suffering from allergies. Many people confuse their allergy symptoms with symptoms of the common cold or even the flu because many such symptoms can overlap. 

Stuffy nose, watery eyes, sore and irritated throat, and more are all signs of allergies as well as symptoms of other respiratory illnesses. If you have seasons of the year where you are miserable pretty much the whole time, you may not be getting sick at all. You might just have untreated allergies. 

With allergy testing, you will be able to determine what is causing your symptoms. Then, you can either get allergy shots or start taking allergy medications (or both) to help manage those symptoms. And with any luck, your miserable seasons will not be so miserable anymore. 

Your Stomach Is Frequently Upset

If you have frequent bouts of upset stomach, this may be due to a food allergy. Allergy testing can check for various common food allergies. If the results come back positive for any food allergies, you will be able to avoid those foods from now on to help curb your upset stomach problems. 

Now that you know more about when you should get tested for allergies, you can schedule your allergy testing appointment as soon as possible if any of these allergy situations apply to you.