What To Expect At A Catastrophic Injury Screening

When someone has been injured in an accident, whether at the workplace, in an auto accident or other unfortunate event, it's a very devastating time. While the accident may not have been their fault, there are other parties involved that need their questions answered. One way they may approach it is by having the victim partake in a catastrophic injury merit screening. This involves a series of questions and possibly a medical questionnaire or exam. Here is what to expect. 

Medical Exam 

A qualified doctor who specializes in catastrophic or severe injuries will perform the medical exam. They will examine the patient, take bloodwork, and request imaging to help make their own independent diagnosis. From there, that information, along with a detailed report, will be forwarded to all parties involved. 

Who requests a medical exam? When turning in a catastrophic injury claim, the insurance company may want a separate medical exam. In addition, as a victim involved in a lawsuit, the attorney may suggest a medical exam too. This exam will be from a third-party medical provider to help give their opinion regarding the victim's current injury and overall health. 

Mental Health Evaluation

In some cases, especially if there was any type of concern over the victim's mental health status, a mental health evaluation may be requested. This includes a mental health screening along with checking patient records for any type of history that could affect the outcome of the case. This includes impulsive behavior or a substance abuse history that may have contributed to the accident or injury. 

Private Investigator

Accidents happen, and the end result can leave the victim with an array of injuries and extreme stress. This makes it difficult to remember the exact events that took place surrounding the incident. 

Depending on the case, a private investigator may get involved. Their investigation can play a key role in the events leading up to the accident or if there is any other suspicion regarding what happened. A PI will work to piece together what led up to the accident, how it may have happened, and the aftermath. They then forward the information to the insurance company and attorneys involved in the case. 

All professionals involved play a pivotal role in catastrophic injury merit screening consulting. The victim in the case should be prepared to answer all questions and concerns as accurately as possible. This will help expedite the case and get them the reimbursement that they deserve.