How To Tell If Your Dispensary Is High Quality

If you are new to the marijuana market, you may not know what exactly to look for in a quality product. Going to a dispensary may help, but they are not all created equal. So how can you know that the dispensary in your area is quality or if you should make a trek to another area? Here are a few things to look for or ask about to ensure that you are going to the best dispensary possible.


Obviously, not all marijuana is the same. There are a few ways to tell if the bud you are getting is high quality or if you need to keep looking. The most basic is probably overall appearance. Nugs, for example, should be covered in trichomes (the small hair-like structures that protect the leaves and nugs), should not be too dry, and should have more flowers than leaves. Marijuana should have a pungent smell, though if you ever feel like it has a haylike smell you should avoid purchasing it. 

Seed to Sale

Seed to sale means that the dispensaries grow their marijuana in-house and then sell it on site. These types of dispensaries can sometimes be harder to find, though they usually offer the best product. This is because they have more control over what they are growing and can grow specifically for their client's needs. 

Knowledgable Staff

The staff of your dispensary should have a vast knowledge of their products including the effects of each product, strains that can produce specific effects, and how the product was cultivated. The staff of seed-to-sale dispensaries is usually more knowledgeable because of their hand in cultivating the product. Most dispensary employees should be passionate about helping people to find the best marijuana possible, allowing them to really enjoy the experience. If you go to a dispensary where you are not given much information, the staff does not seem to know what they are talking about, or things seem odd, you may want to go to another dispensary. 

In conclusion, you may be new to marijuana, but the employees of your dispensary should have ample information to get you going strong. Make sure that you feel confident in the dispensary before making any purchases. You would not want to get a sub-par product that could leave you with effects you were not anticipating. Hopefully, this guide helps you to make an educated decision.