Dealing With ED: Emotional Treatment Options

If you or a partner is dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), you know how challenging it can be physically, emotionally, and mentally. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a male is unable to establish or maintain an erection, which is usually essential for most sexual activity. When one partner is unable to perform, both may understand the issues, and yet unwanted feelings may arise. Fortunately, there are medical interventions that can be done in order to treat ED. 

There are many different types of treatments for ED including but not limited to: medications that trap blood flow, hormones, and even implants. While you or your partner are in the process of finding out which treatments will work best, you both may also want to seek treatment for your emotional health. Emotional health treatment options for ED include:

Long Talks

Open communication between partners can lighten the load of ED. You and your partner should try to be open about how you feel and how this disorder is affecting your relationship. This open communication can lead to an intimate closeness between partners who are both actively trying to support and sustain one another. It can take quite a bit of effort to be open, but after some long talks, you may both begin to feel a bit better. 


Talking to a trained mental health professional will likely be helpful during the months and weeks when you and your partner are working to find an effective treatment for ED. The inability to connect sexually may leave one or both partners feeling self-conscious, irritated, undesired, or depressed. Your counselor can help you to see that there are other ways in which you and your partner connect, and may be able to help you work through these feelings. 

Sexual Intimacy Options

While dealing with the challenges of ED, you and your partner may want to look into other ways of expressing your sexuality. There are many different options that can be found online or in specialty stores, and though it may not include actual intercourse, you both may find some relief. 

Though it is important to get medical help when you or your partner are suffering from ED, you should also think about how you will treat the emotional aspects of this disorder. Relationships where ED is an issue usually do not go unscathed. Make sure that you do everything in your power to make sure that your relationship makes it through this challenging disorder. To learn more, contact an ED treatment service.