Is Stem Cell Therapy An Effective Treatment For Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition that causes an individual to suffer from seizures. The seizures often happen at random and are usually the cause of different underlying health issues, such as genetic disorders and injuries to the brain that have occurred at some point. If you have epilepsy, you may worry about having a seizure while driving, shopping at the grocery store, or even at work. Because of the concerns that you have, you may want to find a treatment that is going to provide some relief while preventing seizures from happening. Several people with this condition are trying stem cell therapy because of the positive impact this form of therapy has had on people with other neurological conditions.

What Occurs During Stem Cell Therapy Treatment?

The stem cell therapy treatment is a highly-effective method that uses a collection of stem cells to replace ones that no longer function as they should. The process is painless and involves removing stem cells directly from the patient's blood when the blood gets drawn in a medical environment. The medical professional may then inject those stem cells directly into the patient's spinal cord. Although the procedure itself is not invasive, you might experience slight discomfort during the injection process. However, the discomfort does not last long, and the positive side effects should start to occur shortly after the medical professional administers the injection.

Will the Seizures Stop For Good?

The research performed on stem cell therapy and the way it helps people with epilepsy proves that this type of treatment is beneficial. While it can reduce the number of seizures a person suffers from in general, there is no guarantee that it will completely put a stop to the seizures for good. If you decide to receive stem cell therapy, know that you should still see great results, but you may need to continue getting injections from time to time to prevent seizures. You can discuss the frequency of treatment with your physician to determine the best approach to take.

When you have epilepsy, you do not know when you might have a seizure next. It could happen when you are trying to shop for groceries at a local store or even when you are visiting your child's school for a special event. Knowing that a seizure can happen anywhere and cause harm to you, trying a safe and effective treatment like stem cell therapy is worth it. The treatment could drastically reduce the number of seizures you have.