Have A Severe Toothache And No Insurance? Find A Community Health Dentist Today

If you are struggling with a severe toothache and you are worried that not getting treatment could end to medical problems, do not let money stop you from getting the treatment that you need. Dental clinics are in place to help people in these exact situations.

Ignoring pain that could be an infection could end up infecting the blood and cause life-threatening or fatal complications. Look for an option like a CHP dental office and do the following right away to get relief for the pain and the treatment that you need.

Find a Community Health Partner

You may want to call the Medicaid office or use the site to find the closest dental provider to you. Call to be sure that they understand that you don't have insurance, or that you are currently filing for Medicaid or other assistance. This way you are sure you aren't going to be stuck with a bill you can't pay right away.

Schedule an Emergency Appointment

You don't want to hesitate to schedule an emergency appointment if it's needed. If you have throbbing or severe pain, this could indicate the following:

  • an infection
  • deteriorating tooth root
  • lodged item in the tissue or under the tooth
  • teeth pushing into other teeth

You don't want to take a small problem that could have been treated easily and let it turn into a dangerous dental emergency that requires surgery or other things because you waited to get in.

Avoid the Emergency Room

One of the things that you want to do is avoid going to the emergency room if you possibly can. This can be very expensive, and you still may have to go to a dentist or wait for the emergency room to get a dentist to the facility. Instead, find a dental provider and get in right away.

Once you get the emergency treatment that you need, you can talk with the dentist about getting regular maintenance and cleanings. Preventing oral health emergencies and complications with regular screenings and cleanings is easy.

Don't let money stop you from getting the dental work that you need, and don't put your health at risk by ignoring dental pain until it is unbearable. Find a dentist that can get you in to right away, and then commit to getting on a payment plan or getting the coverage that you need to properly take care of your smile.