Going Through Medical Treatment? Why You Need A Healthcare Advocate On Your Side

Health problems can turn your world upside down. If you're facing extended treatment for a medical condition, you need someone in your corner. You may have friends and family to provide support, but that might not be enough. You need someone who can stand up for you throughout your treatment. For that, you need a healthcare advocate. If you don't think you need a healthcare advocate right now, you should think again. Here are four of the ways a healthcare advocate will help you through your treatment. 

They'll Speak Up When You Can't

When you go through medical treatment, you deal with a lot of doctors and appointments. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to juggle all your treatment options. It's also not easy to gain access to the care you need. That's where a healthcare advocate comes into the picture. They'll be your voice when you're not heard. They can help you schedule appointments for second opinions. They can also help you secure treatment options that might not be available any other way. 

They'll Be Your Go-Between

While you're going through treatment for a medical condition, your doctors need to work as a team. That includes communicating with each other. But, they'll also need to communicate with you. Unfortunately, there may be times when you're unable to communicate your needs. For those moments, you'll need a healthcare advocate. Your advocate will step in and act as a go-between - or liaison - between you and your healthcare team. They'll voice your concerns and ask any questions that you may have about your care. 

They'll Intervene on Insurance Issues

During your medical treatment, you'll be dealing with insurance companies. You and your doctors will focus on your medical needs. But, your insurance company has its focus on the bottom line. That is, how much your treatment costs their company. Unfortunately, that focus may close the door on necessary treatment. That's where your healthcare advocate comes into the picture. They'll fight for your right to medical care, regardless of the cost to the insurance company. 

They'll Help You Gain Access to Clinical Trials

Depending on your condition, there may be clinical trials that can help you. But, clinical trials aren't easy to find. They also aren't easy to gain access to. There's often a lot of red tape to cut through before you can become part of a clinical trial. Your healthcare advocate can help you locate trials. They can also help you get through the obstacles that stand in your way of that treatment.