Low Testosterone Treatment Methods

Low testosterone in men can cause many problems for individuals as well as couples. Men may experience weight gain, physical changes, hair loss, and emotional challenges, while couples will likely have a hard time getting pregnant. Fortunately, there are several different low testosterone treatments on the market. Before purchasing any medication, however, it is important that you talk to your doctor. There are many different causes of low testosterone, many of which need to be treated before addressing your testosterone levels. Those who choose to try to self-medicate often experience undesired effects. Depending on the severity of your condition your primary care physician may refer you to a urologist. Low testosterone treatments come in a variety of forms, including but not limited to the following.

Oral Medication

There are many different types of medications that can be taken orally to treat low testosterone. Some must be ingested whole, while others can simply be placed in the buccal cavity (the area between the teeth and the cheek) until the pill dissolves. Oral medications must pass through the digestive system before they are absorbed into the blood stream, so oral medications are one of the slowest ways to get testosterone into the body. 


Weekly to biweekly injections are one of the most effective ways to increase testosterone in a timely manner. However, since the injection only lasts for so long it can cause mild mood swings. Many men find testosterone injections to be painful, so it is often used as a last resort. In addition, injections are used for the more intense cases, instead of with men whose levels are only slightly lower than normal. 

Skin Patches

Skin patches are a way of getting testosterone into your body through the skin. They are applied to a clean dry area each morning and then throughout the day the skin allows small amounts of testosterone into the bloodstream. The challenge of skin patches is that if they get wet or are applied incorrectly they will not work correctly. 


Topical gels can be applied multiple times daily in order to increase the level of testosterone in your body. Like patches, this allows the hormone to be absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream. Some gels have a lot of side effects, so they should be only be used under the supervision of a doctor. 

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways to treat the condition of low testosterone. Talk to your doctor about which one will most likely work the best for you.