The Basics Of A Cancer Diet

Did you know that there are other treatments for cancer than just chemotherapy? While some types of cancer require chemotherapy to fight, there is still more you can do. Medical doctors are becoming increasingly aware and encouraging of changing your diet in an effort to improve your cancer circumstances. There are even cancer diet specialists who can show you the ropes and help you through the challenge of changing your diet. There are a few things that people should be aware of when they are thinking of changing their diet to fit a cancer diet.

Limit Processed Meat

Meat is processed when it has gone through a salting, smoking, or curing process. Many people regularly eat a large amount of processed meat such as salami, hotdogs, ham, lunch meats, and/or bacon. Processed meats can greatly increase the chances of developing colorectal cancer sometime in your lifetime. 

Don't Do Dairy

Excessive dairy consumption has been linked to prostate cancer, potentially due to the bovine hormones that are found therein. While some cancer diet specialists suggest limiting dairy, others recommend not consuming dairy in the first place. Without dairy, it can be hard to get enough calcium and minerals in your diet, though it is not impossible. 

Avoid Excessive Sweets and Carbs

Sweets and carbs are usually high in sugar and low in fibers and other nutritious vitamins and minerals. Due to their high sugar content, they are also associated with obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Consuming excessive sweets and carbohydrates can actually increase your risk of developing breast and stomach cancer, among others. Cutting these types of foods from your diet may be challenging, but it can also increase your lifespan. 

Instead of eating the aforementioned foods, you may want to add or increase the following in your diet:

Plant-Based Meals

Eating plant-based meals can improve your health as long as you are varying the types of fruits and vegetables you eat on a consistent basis. Beans, legumes, fish, and nuts can also be added in order to spice things up. 


Fruits do contain sugar, but it is usually way better than the sugar you would be consuming in a dessert. Some fruits are a bit heavy on the carbohydrates, such as banana, so these should not be eaten in excess. 

In conclusion, while avoiding processed meats, dairy, and sweets can be challenging, it may greatly improve your life and prognosis. Instead, replace these meals with plant-based meals and fruit.