Dealing With An Ear Blockage: Do You Need A Doctor?

Ear issues can feel extremely debilitating. After all, when you feel like your ears are blocked, it can impact nearly every aspect of your life. Blockages are frequently caused by ear wax. Ear wax usually helps clean out your ear, but sometimes it can cause some problems and discomfort that send you to the doctor's office. This is what you need to know about ear troubles you may face.

What Are Symptoms of an Ear Blockage?

There are several symptoms you might experience when you experience an ear blockage. You might experience a feeling like your ear is very full, or perhaps you feel it slowly draining fluid. You might also experience partial hearing loss, itching, or ringing in the ear that varies in severity. Some people experience muffled hearing, which can become very disruptive if you need to go to work or school.

Can You Clean Your Ears at Home?

There are certainly some steps you can take at home to clean your ears, but you should be aware that the problem could worsen or indicate that something else is wrong, leading to a need for urgent care. In some cases, you might have an ear infection that requires care and medical treatment.

For instance, you can use warm water or saline solution to clear the blockage, perhaps with a towel. Clean the outer edges and opening of the ear. Do not use a Q-tip to try to remove ear wax, as it could damage your ear canal.

What Should You Do About an Ear Blockage?

Some people have a lot more earwax in their ears than others. When the ear canal becomes blocked, it may feel as if you need to remove wax on your own. In this case, you should consult with a medical professional. When a blockage becomes severe, you might feel a lot of discomfort and distress, and you may need to visit urgent care to ensure that you receive quick treatment.

If you feel discomfort when you have an ear blockage, it is a good idea to see your doctor right away. Urgent care is a good substitute if your doctor is not able to get you in today. Urgent care ensures that the blockage is clear without causing any damage to your inner ear or ear drum.

If you are concerned about an ear blockage, contact an urgent care center in your area today to come in for treatment.