How Alcohol Detox Helps Binge Drinking College Students Avoid Brain Shrinkage

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the world and can have a devastating impact on the body and the mind at many ages. For example, a college student who binge drinks may find that they cannot study as well. This problem is not a coincidence because alcohol impacts parts of the brain in very devastating ways. Thankfully, detox can help with this problem.

Alcohol Can Shrink the Brain

Alcohol use can seem like a fun activity for the binge drinking college student but can become a real issue over time. Unfortunately, excessive and long-term exposure to alcohol can cause the frontal lobe in the brain to shrink. This part of the brain is responsible for many complex activities and helps students study, makes it easier for them to solve complex problems, and does much more that can often be hard to predict.

Unfortunately, a shrinking frontal lobe may combine with serious alcoholism to threaten a student's career. As a result, they need to take steps to minimize these problems and to combat any addiction that they may experience. Thankfully, there are treatment options available. The most powerful of these is likely alcohol detox combined with an addiction treatment program.

How Detox Can Help

Alcohol detox is the process of carefully removing this substance from the body. Typically, it must be done in a medical setting to avoid adverse reactions, such as nausea and delirium tremens. A binge drinking college student with alcoholism will slowly decrease the amount of alcohol in their system until they have no more at all, which will make it easier for them to stay sober.

Paired with detox is usually a type of rehab program. These groups focus on providing lessons and coping mechanisms that make it easy to stay away from alcohol. For example, a student may learn sober activities that they can perform instead of drinking. They can also join a sobriety group that makes it easier for them to avoid common drinking influences on their behavior.

While detox may not necessarily cause the frontal lobes to return to their normal size, it can at least stop the shrinkage there. In this way, a college student can regain their ability to focus on their work. Even better, they can avoid a lifetime of alcoholism and stay healthy and focused throughout their lives. These benefits are considerable and must not be ignored. Reach out to alcohol detox centers in your area to learn more.