The 411 On IM Vitamin Shots: What You Need To Know

An IM vitamin shot is not something you can order at a bar. It is an intramuscular shot, as in a needle is being injected into a large muscle of your body with vitamins in the syringe. If it sounds painful, it might be, especially if you flinch or clench up muscle tissue during the shot. However, many people who get these shots claim it was the best thing that they have ever done for their health. Before you run to your doctor to beg for a shot, here is the 411 on these shots. 

They Are Meant to Boost Energy, Boost Your Immune System, and Boost Mood and Appetite Suppression

There are a variety of IM vitamin shots, of course. Some boost your energy with B vitamins. Others boost your immune system with vitamin C, A, and K. Others can boost your mood or suppress your appetite with the intention of losing weight or just not consuming as much food. Any or all of these supplements are available in an oral form, but the idea behind the shots is that the shot will get into your bloodstream faster. 

Absorbed or Circulated Immediately

Some shots will be absorbed into your muscles and take a while for the muscle tissue to break it down and move it around. Some shots will circulate immediately. It just depends on how depleted of certain vitamins and nutrients you are. Consider another type of shot; the penicillin given for the treatment of strep throat. Within just a couple of hours, patients no longer have a fever or painful tonsils. It goes into effect rather quickly, even when the shot is given in one's derriere. However, you should keep in mind that not all shots administered "IM" are going to act so quickly. 

Your Doctor May Only Give Such Shots If He or She Thinks You Need Them

Vitamin shots in a doctor's office are rather rare. Most doctors will just tell you what you need to be eating and drinking to get more of these vitamins into your body. In extreme cases of malnutrition, your doctor would be likely to pump you with several shots to avoid death, organ failure, and seizures. If you are clearly healthy, your doctor is not inclined to give you vitamin shots or prescribe them either when an over-the-counter oral supplement is available.

Additionally, health insurance companies are not likely to cover the cost. You would have to pay out of pocket for these shots. If you are dead set on getting these shots, try a natural healthcare or aesthetics clinic.