Which Breast Is Best - Current Trends In Breast Augmentation

Due to the natural fact that men like to look at them and women want the men to like what they look at, breast augmentation has long been one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. Since the first woman received breast implants in 1962 there has been constant research and development into finding new ways to make the procedure better. The primary goal in this research is make the breasts look more attractive, but at the same time completely natural.

Even now after millions of procedures and countless improvements, the industry is still looking for ways to get better. There are a number of trending practices that promise to give breast augmentation patients the best results in history.

  • Gummy Bear Implants — Probably the most popular trend in the industry currently is the use of a much thicker consistency silicone that is very similar to the namesake gummy bear. In contrast to the traditional implant that consists of nearly liquid silicone in a sealed shell, these more solid implants will retain their natural shape. This eliminates the problem of wrinkling or rippling that is common with the older implants. In addition, the thicker silicone shell is virtually impossible to rupture, making accidental silicone leaks nearly non-existent.
  • Under the Muscle Implants — Whereas traditional breast augmentation surgery consisted of an incision in the skin covering the breast and placing the silicone implant directly under the skin, the newest trend is to create a pocket under the pectoral muscle and placing the implant under the muscle. By doing this the implant truly works to augment and support the natural breast instead of simply covering it up with a breast-shaped implant. While this procedure is considerably more invasive and requires longer recovery, the vast improvement in results and reduced complications adequately mitigate this risk,
  • Transgender Considerations — As more and more transgender individuals make the transition from male to female, breast augmentation procedures have become increasingly popular within this community. Due to differences in muscle structure and lack of natural breast tissue, these procedures are typically performed somewhat differently than in women and have caused a rush to determine the safest, most natural, and most successful ways to complete this procedure.

Above all, the most important consideration in breast augmentation surgery is choosing a medical professional who is reputable and honest in their practice. Many legitimate plastic surgeons have made a living correcting the appearance and heartbreak of a sub-par surgery performed by a cut-rate surgeon.