Men And Weight Loss: What Obstacles Might Be In Your Way?

If you are hoping to reach a healthier weight this year, you first take the most obvious steps. Many men start eating healthier, restricting junk food and sodas. They also might start moving more by joining a gym or doing an at-home workout program.

However, many men fail to see results, even with these lifestyle changes. There could be a couple of things standing in the way of your weight loss goals, and these are things you should discuss with your doctor. 

1. Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a very important hormone for men when it comes to weight management. Unfortunately, men who are overweight commonly have lower levels of testosterone, which means they also have a slower metabolism. Low testosterone also triggers the body to store more energy, so it becomes very hard for a man to reach a healthier weight.

Your doctor can test your testosterone levels to make sure they are at a healthy range for your age. They can also provide hormone replacement to help support your weight loss plan. As you lose more weight, you might find that your body is able to produce more testosterone on its own, reducing the need for you to supplement with hormones. 

2. Thyroid Trouble

While it's more common for women to have thyroid problems, men can experience these as well. One condition, hypothyroidism, means that your thyroid is not producing the right amounts of hormones to regulate your metabolism. You burn through foods slower, and you end up storing more calories as fat. You also experience side effects like persistent fatigue, difficulty feeling warm, or hair loss. Hormone replacement or thyroid-stimulating medications can help get your metabolism back up to where it needs to be. One this problem is corrected, you'll also feel more energetic, which can help you stay more consistent with a workout routine. 

3. Sleep Problems

Finally, sleep plays a significant role in weight loss. If you are not getting enough sleep, your body is constantly more stressed, which means stress hormone levels are higher. These hormones trigger your body to store energy, preventing weight loss. You might even have sleep problems without knowing it. Many men struggle with sleep apnea, especially if they are overweight. If you feel tired during the day, wake a lot at night, or if you snore loudly, it might be time to talk to your doctor about checking for sleep problems.