Regular Hearing Aid Maintenance Prevents Wax-Related Whistling

Hearing aids should help people and not cause complications. Unfortunately, people who wear their hearing aids without a break or who don't clean them regularly may cause a whistling to develop. Thankfully, regular maintenance can ensure that this problem doesn't occur too often or may stop it completely.

Whistling Hearing Aids Are Frustrating

A whistling hearing aid is an annoying situation that can cause many people to swear off their hearing aid. That's because the whistling can be very high pitched and affect their hearing and those of others near them. And sometimes, whistling is infrequent or sporadic, which can make it hard to pinpoint what is happening and how to fix it properly.

Unfortunately, many people with hearing aids may contribute to this problem by not properly managing these items. This issue typically occurs if a person doesn't get them checked out often enough and they experience wear and tear. For example, somebody who wears their hearing aid too long without cleaning it may coat it with wax that could cause whistling. Therefore, it is critical to get help.

How Hearing Aid Maintenance Can Help

People who are worried about or experiencing a whistling hearing aid can avoid this problem by getting high-quality maintenance. There are a few steps that they can take to minimize this problem first of all. These include properly storing hearing aids when not in use, including taking them out when sleeping instead of letting them sit in an ear, collect wax, or otherwise get severely damaged.

Critically, professional help may also be necessary. This process includes taking a broken or damaged hearing aid out and seeing the issues that are impacting it. In many cases, there are just a few problems that may be causing concerns. Therefore, it is critical to talk to these professionals right away to ensure that minor problems — such as loose wires — don't cause severe whistling and more problematic issues.

The time table on this type of maintenance varies depending on a person's needs. Typically, it is a good idea to, minimally, get hearing aids checked out once a year. However, if a person has a bad tendency to not take them out properly or clean them of ear wax, more frequent maintenance may be necessary. These steps can help to ensure that a hearing aid doesn't whistle anymore, ensuring that they don't annoy themselves or others around them.

For more information, contact a hearing aid maintenance service in your area.