Pain Management Strategies For Fibromyalgia Patients

Fibromyalgia is a collection of symptoms that can vary from patient to patient. These symptoms usually include profound exhaustion and fatigue, depression, stiffness, and pain. Of these symptoms, the pain can be one of the hardest ones to manage, since it can migrate from place to place and vary in severity, almost on a daily basis. What are some of the strategies you can use to manage fibro pain?

Chiropractic Care

Sometimes fibro pain can be part of a cycle. You're anxious or tired, which causes your muscles to tense up. Your tense muscles pull your spine out of alignment, and then your poorly aligned spine puts more pressure on your muscles, leading to back pain. This misalignment can also lead to discomfort in the legs since you're walking unevenly.

Having your back adjusted by a good chiropractor can break the cycle. The strain on your muscles will be released so you can relax and experience less pain. Be sure to tell your chiropractor that you have fibro so they can focus on giving you a good, all-around adjustment.


When you are tired and aching, stretching into downward dog might not be your favorite activity. But it you can manage to get yourself onto the mat for an easy yoga session, you'll feel a lot more comfortable afterwards. The gentle stretching demanded by yoga is really good for easing the sort of muscle pain that is so common in fibro patients. You don't need to push yourself any further than you feel comfortable.


Acupuncture has benefits for fibro patients, but you can enjoy a lot of the same benefits without needle pricks if you instead opt for acupressure. In this modality, your practitioner will use their fingers or a small tool to press on trigger points that are involved with muscle pain. The treatment itself won't hurt, and you should feel a lot looser afterwards. You should plan on going for weekly treatments for the best results. 


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a substance derived from hemp or cannabis. It does not make you feel high and is legal in the United States. More and more, patients are finding that it helps relieve pain — especially the type of muscle pain and aching that is so common with fibromyalgia. You can vape it, consume it in edibles, or even rub a CBD cream on the areas that are sore.

To learn more about pain management tactics for fibromyalgia, reach out to pain management doctors near you.